Courtney Love Says Kurt Cobain Would Be "Proud" to Have a Nirvana Song on 'Succession'

"Rape Me" was used in this past Sunday's episode
Courtney Love Says Kurt Cobain Would Be 'Proud' to Have a Nirvana Song on 'Succession'
Everybody is obsessed with Succession, including, apparently, Courtney Love. And after this past Sunday's episode — which included a climactic sync of Nirvana's "Rape Me" — the alt-rock icon hopped on her socials to say that Kurt Cobain would've been a fan too. 

There are spoilers ahead, so if you care about that sort of thing and haven't seen the episode yet, stop reading. The scene comes as Shiv Roy answers queries at an employee town hall at Waystar Royco, regarding some extreme misconduct within the company's cruise division. Before she can fully jump into her PR-speak softball Q&A however, "Rape Me" starts playing at a deafening volume and the meeting devolves into mayhem. It's hinted that the chaos was orchestrated by the ever-embattled Kendall. 

Courtney Love has say over when and where Nirvana songs can be synced, and she took to Instagram stories to talk about the scene, saying that the creators of Succession seemed "as if they truly understood kc." The full message reads:

I was in the room watching (agog) as this song was written in about an hour, and I've never been so proud of approving one of Kurt's songs, this cue in @succession is as if they truly understood kc, what he was screaming his heart out … without specifics … about. I'm sure wherever he is he's proud of this.

On Twitter, Love said "You understood this: him, it's beautiful. I'm sure he's proud." She also included this: "Ask me who it's about one day. I might even tell you." If anyone knows how to inject some intrigue and drama into an otherwise innocuous statement, it's Courtney Love. 

See Love's tweet, plus the scene in question, below.