'Cops' Is Being Rebooted by Fox

"It's very acceptable to our audience who are cops and first responders and people from the military"
'Cops' Is Being Rebooted by Fox
Following the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests against racism in the States in 2020, Paramount Network decided to finally cancel the long-running police reality series Cops last June. Though, in the year since society's reckoning with race-based police violence, somewhat unsurprisingly, Fox News Media has taken it upon itself to reboot the show for its Fox Nation subscription streaming service.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, the media giant has acquired 33 new episodes of the series plus 15 more of an earlier season from Langley Productions. New episodes are set to premiere on October 1.

"It's very acceptable to our audience who are cops and first responders and people from the military," Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation, told the LA Times. "I think they are big fans of the show and they miss the show. Putting it on a streaming subscription service isn't making it available to everyone but it will be there for the people who desire it the most."

Klarman added that the series will feature an "unvarnished look" at members of American police services working at their jobs — and said that anyone who doesn't like the show shouldn't subscribe to the service.

Responding to the reasons why Cops was cancelled in the first place, he said: "I can't speak to a larger cultural movement that was happening at the time [of its cancellation]. I think the content stands on its own. It's a very compelling show for people who are interested in following the lives of police officers."

Klarman insisted that the show's vetting process will be mindful of the types of offenders featured, making sure to include perpetrators "representative of the entire population."

Cops first premiered on Fox in 1989 and aired for a whopping 25 seasons. It later came back in 2013 on Spike TV, which was eventually rebranded as Paramount Network in 2018.