Concerned Parents Claim 'Minions' Happy Meal Toys Say "What the Fuck"

Concerned Parents Claim 'Minions' Happy Meal Toys Say 'What the Fuck'
This week, some annoying, nonsense-spouting jelly beans in thongs will demolish the box office in their new movie Minions. Hating on the characters has become a new art form across the web (as has hating on those who hate on the characters), but now the Minions are truly up to no good. According to some concerned Americans, a new McDonald's Happy Meal toy features one of the little dudes saying "what the fuck."

Earlier this week, Florida news reports were coming in about concerned citizens who claim that their Minions toys were cursing at their children. A video from YouTube user Paul Butts has since amassed over 25,000 views. If you turn your volume up and wait for his final click of the toy, you'll hear the little dude saying what sort of sounds like "what the fuck."

Doing their due damage control, a representative from McDonald's released a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "Minions speak 'Minionese' which is a random combination of many languages and nonsense words and sounds. We're aware of a very small number of customers who have been in touch regarding this toy, and we apologize for any confusion or offense to those who may have interpreted the sounds for anything other than jibberish. The allegation that this toy is saying any offensive phrase is not true. Any perceived similarities to actual English words are purely coincidental."

The Caveman Minion is reportedly saying, "para la bukay," "hahaha," and "eh eh."

Proving that any publicity is certainly good publicity, the Minions movie is predicted to make $110 million in its opening weekend. What the fuck, indeed.