Chuck Norris Suing CBS and Sony for $30 Million in 'Walker Texas Ranger' Royalties

Chuck Norris Suing CBS and Sony for $30 Million in 'Walker Texas Ranger' Royalties
In the early 2000s, Conan O'Brien started pulling a lever that would play a random scene from Walker Texas Ranger on his talk show. That helped launch a million bad memes about just how badass Chuck Norris really is. Despite all of the jokes, however, Chuck Norris has not been laughing — instead, he's finally suing for some unpaid Walker royalties.

As Deadline reports, Norris has filed a lawsuit against CBS and Sony Television to the tune of $30 million through his company Top Kick Productions (which is, we've gotta say, a very Chuck Norris name). 

The lawsuit alleges that Norris was owed "23% of the profits earned from any, and all, exploitation of Walker" when CBS became the primary distributor of the show.

"Instead, CBS and Sony materially breached the contractual duties they owed to Mr. Norris and his company Top Kick," the lawsuit continues. "Specifically, the Defendants have consciously sought to market, sell and distribute Walker in ways that are designed to collect significant fees and revenues from the ongoing exploitation of Walker but without having to honor or pay Top Kick, and to instead materially breach the 23 Percent Profit Clause."

Read the lawsuit in its entirety here. Chuck Norris probably already read the whole thing while blindfolded or however you make one of those dumb jokes.