"Charlie Bit Me" NFT Sale to Pay for Kids' College Tuition

The clip will also remain on YouTube after all
'Charlie Bit Me' NFT Sale to Pay for Kids' College Tuition
The owners of the viral video known as "Charlie Bit Me" recently announced their plans to sell the clip as an NFT. That auction has officially closed with a buyer known as 3fmusic forking over £538,000 — or about $920,000 CAD — for the 2007 meme.

According to Howard Davies-Carr, father to Charlie and Harry, the money will go towards funding the university tuition fees for the boys (now 15 and 17, respectively) and their two younger brothers, should they choose to go. According to the BBC, that money arrives in addition to the £1,000,000 the family has raked in for the clip since it was first uploaded 14 years ago.

"I can't even remember doing it so making money off it, and having experiences off it, is really cool," Charlie Davies-Carr told Radio 1 Newsbeat of the video's legacy. "We've been to America twice from it, I went round Sky's studios, and we've met a lot of cool people. It's just an extra part of our life that's quite interesting."

To date, the original 55-second video has been viewed over 885 million times, making it one of the most-viewed YouTube videos of all time. While the Davies-Carr family's original NFT offer stipulated that the video would be taken down from YouTube, it appears the buyer is willing to leave it on the platform.

For old times' sake, you can watch the original below.