​Car Seat Headrest Says Wes Anderson's 'Isle of Dogs' Is "Infuriatingly Bad" and "Racist"

​Car Seat Headrest Says Wes Anderson's 'Isle of Dogs' Is 'Infuriatingly Bad' and 'Racist'
Photo: Shane Parent
Car Sear Headrest leader Will Toledo may have an appreciation for Smash Mouth, but he's never shied away from criticizing problematic pop culture via Twitter — and his latest target is Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs.
Toledo took to Twitter once again last night (March 28), to share his frustration over the new film, calling it "an infuriatingly bad film."
He went on to condemn it as "racist" and "ugly," and posed the question: "Why is it written as a joyless kid's film when it's specifically designed to be alienating and inappropriate for kids?"
Toledo dubbed Isle of Dogs "the first Bad Wes Anderson Movie," and sarcastically congratulated the director on "finally making a movie that would appeal to literally zero people beyond himself."
After Pitchfork published Toledo's rant, he also added an "oh fuck off," and linked to a more fleshed-out criticism of the film's problematic adaptation of Japanese culture from Slash Film.
Read Toledo's tweets below.