​Canadian Actress Taylor Hickson Sues Producers for On-set 'Ghostland' Injury

She claims that the permanent scar left by the incident has jeopardized her future career opportunities and earnings
​Canadian Actress Taylor Hickson Sues Producers for On-set 'Ghostland' Injury
Canadian actress Taylor Hickson is suing the producers of a horror film over permanent damage caused by an injury obtained while shooting Ghostland (also known as Incident in a Ghost Land) on location in Winnipeg.
In a suit filed against Incident Productions Inc. on March 1, she claims that the company was "negligent" in taking appropriate steps to ensure her safety during filming.
As detailed in the suit, Hickson says she obtained the injury in December 2016, after crashing through a glass door on set. The left side of her face was cut, causing her to need 70 stitches in hospital.
The accident happened while she was filming a scene that required her to put her face up against a glass door and pound on it with her fists; on one take, the glass shattered, causing the actress to fall through. Hickson maintains that when she asked one of the producers and the director (Pascal Laugier) if it was safe to hit the pane of glass with her fists, they both replied that it was.
The filing goes on to claim that despite multiple laser and silicone treatments, Hickson still has permanent scarring from the injury. The actress claims that the disfigurement has caused her to struggle to find work, and as such, she is seeking damages for lost income and future loss of income, in addition to damages for mental distress and legal costs.
"This has been very mentally and emotionally difficult for her and aside from the physical injury, the issue is the mental and emotional toll it's taken on her," Hickson's lawyer told the Canadian Press.
A workplace health and safety investigation is currently ongoing, following a civil suit filed by ACTRA's Manitoba chapter. The complaint argued that Hickson should have been offered the option of using a stunt double. ACTRA's complaint is currently on hold until the investigation is complete; the investigation launched shortly after the on-set incident, but can take up to two years to complete.
Hickson's previous acting credits include spots in Deadpool, Everything Everything and Aftermath.