Brian Eno Shares First Official Music Video for "Decline and Fall"

Brazilian director Henrique Goldman helms the 'Film Music' visual
Brian Eno Shares First Official Music Video for 'Decline and Fall'
Later this week, Brian Eno will round up Film Music from 1976 through 2020 on a new album, and he's now shared a video for the collection's "Decline and Fall." And believe it or not, it's actually Eno first official music video.

Eno — who initially wrote "Decline and Fall" as part of his score for Henrique Goldman's O Nome da Morte — has teamed once more with the Brazilian director for a new short film to accompany the piece. You can take it in below.

"Our video juxtaposes two cinematic narratives set in Brazil, one of the main frontiers in the final battle between Man and Nature," Goldman explained in a statement. "The first comprises fragments of a drama about the tortured soul of the assassin portrayed in O Nome da Morte, and the second depicts a magical natural phenomena — the Invisible River of the Amazon — a meteorologic process on a colossal scale, whereby rainforest trees continually spray billions of gallons of water into the atmosphere."

The director called the chance to direct the short film "a tantalising challenge." As Goldman explained of Eno's piece, "Like a riddle made of sound, 'Decline and Fall' is mysteriously eclectic and hermetic at the same time. It's beautiful and accessible, but also dense, deep, poignant and thought-provoking. As a lifelong fan it was a daunting prospect that kept me awake for several nights particularly as this is Brian's first official music video."

Film Music arrives digitally on Friday (November 13) via Universal. That same day, a 2xLP vinyl and CD release will arrive in the U.K., ahead of release in North America on January 22.