'Black Mirror' Creator Charlie Brooker Responds to David Cameron Pig Scandal

'Black Mirror' Creator Charlie Brooker Responds to David Cameron Pig Scandal
Charlie Brooker's chilling anthology series Black Mirror has offered a number of warning signs about society over its two seasons and Christmas special. Few would have thought, however, that the story from its very first episode would one day ring true. Now, however, allegations have surfaced that UK Prime Minister David Cameron once performed a sex act on a pig.

An unauthorized biography alleges that the PM stuck his member in a dead pig's mouth as part of a strange ritual to join the Piers Galveston Society while attending Oxford University. Whether or not it actually happened, it sounds eerily similar to the PM pig-fucking plot of "National Anthem," Black Mirror's first episode from 2011.

Since "#piggate" has been a worldwide trending topic for most of the weekend, Brooker was naturally compelled to comment. He joked that Black Mirror was actually a documentary, then offered up some pages from the show's script that seemingly described the current online obsession with Cameron and the pig.

"I hope 'White Bear' doesn't come true next," he added, referring to the show's twisted second episode.

Read Charlie Brooker's tweets about the David Cameron situation below. Here's hoping Brooker will make some more societal predictions when Black Mirror returns with new episodes on Netflix.