Billy Joel's Music Is Being Adapted for a TV Series

'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant' will be a scripted anthology
Billy Joel's Music Is Being Adapted for a TV Series
MGM and Universal Music Publishing Group have announced a TV series is being adapted from Billy Joel's music catalogue. The show will be called Scenes from an Italian Restaurant and will feature narratives surrounding the characters found in the artist's songs, including "The Stranger" "Mamma Leone," "Sgt. O'Leary" and "The Piano Man," to name a few.

What form the show will take is unclear; however, it's already being described as an "arc-thology." We do know that the show will not actually be about Joel himself, but rather the colourful stories found in his music.

Joel will co-produce the series alongside Kevin Fox (Law & Order: SVU) and longtime partner Steve Cohen, with associate production credits going to MGM and Universal. This project marks the first time Joel will have licensed his entire catalogue for a series.

Many of the other details about the show remain in the shadows. Stay tuned for its release date, among other updates.