Bert and Ernie Are Gay (If You Want)

Whatever you want to believe is the truth
Bert and Ernie Are Gay (If You Want)
There's plenty to talk about when it comes to Sesame Street. After all, the beloved children's show is about to become a movie, and it's celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Before we can dig into any of that stuff, however, we have to settle a debate that's been going on forever. Are Bert and Ernie gay or not? We finally have an answer.

In a new Sesame Street cover story for The Hollywood Reporter, Sesame Workshop executive vice-president Brown Johnson said the sexuality of the long-running roommates is, well, up to you.

"People can think whatever they want [about Bert and Ernie]," Johnson said. "You want to think they're gay? OK. You want to think they're not gay? They're not gay."

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