BC Couple Recreate 'Alien' for Maternity Photoshoot

BC Couple Recreate 'Alien' for Maternity Photoshoot
Photo by Li Carter
A couple in British Columbia are putting a spooky spin on traditional maternity photos by recreating a scene from Alien.
Todd and Nicole Cameron of Nanaimo, BC, are going viral for their unconventional homage to Ridley Scott's 1979 sci-fi flick.
Nicole told CBC that at 37 weeks pregnant, she wasn't feeling "the most attractive," so instead of aiming for "pretty, glamorous shots," her partner Todd found a replica of the alien from Alien at a garage sale and let it serve as their inspiration.
From there, they hit up a pumpkin patch at McNab's Corn Maze and put the figurine to work, recreating one of cinema's grizzliest birth scenes.
Check out the results by browsing the couple's photo gallery below. The shots were taken by Li Carter.

As the couple put it themselves, "Our chests are bursting with love for our new addition!"
The baby is due to be born on October 17, and the parents have created an Instagram account for those who want to follow along on the new baby's adventures.