Bathroom Break Band Brass Against's RATM Cover Closes 'The Matrix Resurrections'

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Bathroom Break Band Brass Against's RATM Cover Closes 'The Matrix Resurrections'
The new instalment in the Matrix franchise apparently modernizes the original 1999 film's closing score — Rage Against the Machine's "Wake Up" — for the livestream era, as director Lana Wachowski selected now-infamous rock outfit Brass Against's rendition of the song for the ending of The Matrix Resurrections [via The Guardian].

If the name Brass Against rings familiar, you may remember the New York-based collective from their Welcome to Rockville festival performance in Daytona Beach, FL, last month. While a Florida musical festival likely wouldn't otherwise be memorable, frontwoman Sophia Urista cemented the band's legacy by urinating on a fan's face in the middle of the band's set. Footage of the incident proceeded to go viral, as one would expect.

"I've always pushed the limits in music and stage," Urista wrote in a statement at the time, apologizing for the golden shower. "That night, I pushed the limits too far," she conceded, claiming that she's not a "shock artist." The band added that it's not something people will see at their shows again.

Though Brass Against weren't charged for that onstage bathroom break, they did end up getting banned from NASCAR venues — but not from going down the rabbit hole. From giving new meaning to the term "livestream" to scoring The Matrix Resurrectionsit's been quite an interesting couple of months for the outfit, who are dedicated to using music as a vehicle for social change.

The original "Wake Up" was released in 1992 on RATM's self-titled debut LP. Un-shockingly, Brass Against infuse their version of the song with a lot of brass to back the assertive passion and grit of Urista's steady flow.

Resist the urge to relieve yourself with blue and listen to Brass Against's red-pilled rendition of "Wake Up" below.

It was recently revealed that Madonna turned down a role in the original The Matrix film. In other missed opportunities, franchise lead Keanu Reeves almost used Chuck Spadina as his stage name

2020 was another big year for Urista: she got engaged to Peloton figurehead and Mr. Big's And Just Like That... killer Jess King.

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