"Baby Shark" Is Becoming a TV Show Whether You Like It or Not

'Baby Shark' Is Becoming a TV Show Whether You Like It or Not
Now that everyone and their dog knows "Baby Shark," the insanely viral hit is going next level by becoming a full-blown TV show.

Yes, it's true — Nickelodeon is developing an animated series for preschoolers based on "Baby Shark," a song whose video has clocked in nearly 3 billion YouTube views.

So what's the plot? We're not exactly sure. We also don't know when the "Baby Shark" show will premiere or how many episode it will consist of. We do have some guesses, however, of what the theme song will be.

Speaking of the "Baby Shark" series, Nickelodeon Animation's Ramsey Naito offered this statement:

"Baby Shark" has captured the imagination of millions of fans around the world, so it's no surprise it's one of the top 10 most-viewed videos on YouTube ever. At the heart of any popular piece of content is a terrific character, and we have a great opportunity to further explore the world of Baby Shark and follow this family through some great animated adventures on Nickelodeon.

If you feel like having "Baby Shark" in your head all day — again — you can revisit it below.