Ava DuVernay Wants to Make a Show for LeVar Burton to Host Amid 'Jeopardy!' Loss

Ava DuVernay Wants to Make a Show for LeVar Burton to Host Amid 'Jeopardy!' Loss
Photo: Jeopardy!
Despite apparently rating low among Jeopardy!'s roster of guest hosts, LeVar Burton was undeniably the internet's top choice to take over the game show following Alex Trebek's passing last year. That said, we now know that controversial executive producer Mike Richards and Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik will co-host the series — but don't fret, director Ava DuVernay has other plans for Burton.

Amid ongoing controversy surrounding Jeopardy!'s new hosts, DuVernay is dreaming up new roles for the ousted Burton. The filmmaker tweeted, "Me trying to create a show right in this moment for [LeVar Burton] to host and make an international hit," last week, alongside a .gif of Dan Levy doing a serious thinking face.

To fans' delight, Burton responded, "Check your DMs!"

The interaction has Burton and DuVernay fans alike throwing out their own suggestions, some of which include rebooting the Burton-hosted '80s and '90s classic children's TV show, Reading Rainbow.

"When one door closes, Ava comes through with a big idea. I hoped this #jeopardy mess will lead to something better," one user tweeted.

Another wrote: "Bring back Reading Rainbow and stream it on Netflix. Or a stand-alone origin series about Capt. Geordi La Forge in the Federation."

"I need a show called What They Didn't Teach You focusing on all the inventions and discoveries made by Black people," added another.

Time will tell what DuVernay and Burton have in store for their respective audiences, but until we know more, we'll have the Jeopardy! thinking cue music on loop in our heads in anticipation.

See the interaction below.