'And Just Like That...' Character Resurrected for Peloton Ad Amid PR Nightmare

Chris Noth lives!

BY Allie GregoryPublished Dec 13, 2021

Last week saw a massive blow to exercise bike company Peloton amid the return of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte in Sex and the City sequel series And Just Like That... after the shocking death of the franchise's lead love interest, Mr. Big — played by the excellent Chris Noth.

As previously reported, audiences and shareholders alike were shocked to learn of Noth's character's death on the series' first episode — a scene that was seemingly connected to Big's 45-minute Peloton workout. The company's shares hit a 19-month low on December 10 following the premiere, which started a PR nightmare that caused an 11 percent drop in its stocks that same day.

Now, aided by real-life Peloton instructor Jess King, Noth has appeared in an advertisement in an attempt to dispel any doubts about the safety of Peloton's exercise equipment, and to reinforce the value of cardiovascular exercises in the prevention of heart disease.

Peloton's new ad — which has resurrected Mr. Big with the caption "he's alive" — finds Noth and King fireside, toasting to "new beginnings," as Noth states that he "feels great" and jokes they should "take another ride." The clip is inexplicably narrated by Ryan Reynolds, whose marketing company, Maximum Effort, produced the ad within 48 hours of Big's dramatic death scene.

As far as we know, Noth's character is not set to return to And Just Like That... in any living capacity, so this resurrection does appear to be nothing more than a one-off favour for Peloton. Nevertheless, it's nice to see Big get one last hurrah on-screen, even if Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie is nowhere to be seen.

Watch the ad below.

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