Amidst Safety Concerns, Calgary's Plaza Theatre Is Showing 'The Red Pill' After All

The controversial men's rights activist film is being presented by Fathers Rights Alberta Canada
Amidst Safety Concerns, Calgary's Plaza Theatre Is Showing 'The Red Pill' After All
Yesterday (April 3), a large group of concerned Calgarians was relieved when the Plaza Theatre announced plans to cancel its screening of the divisive anti-feminist documentary The Red Pill. It appears the cause for celebration was premature, however, as the theatre has decided to go ahead with the screening.

A Facebook post announcing the cancellation has since been deleted, and while the theatre has not made mention of the screening anywhere on social media, it is in fact showing the movie tonight (April 4).

A representative from Plaza Theatre tells Exclaim!, "This is not our movie and we are not in favour or against this movie. This is a rental and we have no involvement. It is up to the people to see it or ignore it. We are not advertising this on our website or social media."

The film is being presented by the Facebook group Fathers Rights Alberta Canada. Speaking with Exclaim!, administrators from the group insisted they are not men's rights activists. Instead, an admin says, "We are a poor social media group mainly full of dads going through court dealing with family issues and a system that's so terrible we are killing are selfs [sic] in mass."

An admin adds that the show is most definitely happening in separate message [sic throughout]:

The show is on doors open at 6 movie starts 6:30 the popcorn is great. The staff at the plaza and alberta fathers rights admins met Monday night and agreed this show must go on. But the safety of the public and the staff are the most important issue. After the attacks on the owner of the theatre via emails and phone calls admission to the film will be at the descression of the theatre and alberta fathers rights members

Sorry if you had not been able to gain any information but it was decided to hold off the news of the show going forward to limit the attacks on the theatre and its owner. We are a non profit social media group and we felt this was in the best interest to are group as well with this being are first public attempt at change.

Directed by Cassie Jaye, The Red Pill is billed as "a feminist journey into the men's rights movement." Many critics have dismissed it as biased in favour of the men's rights groups, and screenings of the film have been cancelled around the world.

An admin from Fathers Rights Alberta Canada added that they are also planning a screening of the film in Red Deer, though details have not been cemented just yet.