Adam Ellis's Viral 'Dear David' Ghost Tale Is Becoming a Movie

Buzzfeed and Lionsgate will bring the viral thread to life
Adam Ellis's Viral 'Dear David' Ghost Tale Is Becoming a Movie
Photo: Adam Ellis
Former BuzzFeed employee and social media content creator Adam Ellis will have his viral Dear David ghost story adapted for a feature-length film, as Lionsgate and BuzzFeed have confirmed plans to take the Twitter thread from the extra-small screen to the big screen at last.

Ellis's story, which went viral in 2017, recounts the artist's experience living in a haunted apartment with a child ghost named David. An illustrator and creator, Ellis's tale was accompanied by several original drawings of David — though no word so far on whether the forthcoming film project will incorporate his animations.

John McPhail will direct Mike Van Waes's screenplay, and casting is already underway. Buzzfeed global content head Richard Alan Reid will produce alongside Jason Moring, Michael Philip and Naysun Alae-Carew.

"Ellis's story captivated audiences across the Internet and built a passionate, global fan base that has been waiting for the film adaptation. We can't wait to bring this highly anticipated, harrowing tale to the big screen next year," Reid said of the film [via Deadline].

Dear David has yet to set an official release date.

Read Ellis's original story here.