Randy Quaid Arrested Again in Montreal

Randy Quaid Arrested Again in Montreal
Randy Quaid has had a successful career as a Hollywood actor — having appeared in flicks like Independence Day, Brokeback Mountain and National Lampoon's Vacation — but he's had a rocky time living in Montreal in recent years. Evidently things aren't getting any better for him, as he has been arrested by the Canada Border Services Agency. This is his second arrest this year.

Quaid's wife Evi told the CBC that her husband had been detained on Tuesday morning (October 6) when making a scheduled check-in with the CBSA in Montreal. The reason for the arrest hasn't been made clear, but Robert Gervais of the the Immigration and Refugee Board said that Quaid would have a detention review hearing tomorrow (October 8) in Montreal. In the meantime, he is being kept at a detention centre in Laval, QC.

UPDATE (10/09, 12:20 p.m.): Quaid appeared before the Immigration and Refugee Board on Thursday, but he was released by board member Dianne Tordorf, who explained there were no grounds to hold him. However, he still faces the looming prospect of being returned to the U.S. as early as next week, according to reports.

There have been various reports about the Quaids' erratic behaviour dating back a number of years. Back in 2010, the couple tried to get refugee status in Canada, as they alleged that they were being hunted by U.S. "star whackers" bent on killing celebrities. While Evi has Canadian citizenship, Randy's immigration application was rejected a couple of years ago due to his having been arrested for allegedly defrauding a California innkeeper in 2009.

Quaid failed to show up for a meeting with the Immigration and Refugee Board in 2013, and the Canadian government lost track of his whereabouts. It turned out that he was living in Montreal, which led to his arrest in April of this year. He was freed after ponying up a $10,000 bond, and he was required to check in with officials. It was apparently during one of these meetings that he was arrested this week.

Evi issued a string of angry tweets about the arrest. Read those below.