A Documentary on Cleaners From Venus' Martin Newell Is in the Works

'The Jangling Man' will feature Jessica Pratt, Mac DeMarco, members of DIIV, XTC and more
A Documentary on Cleaners From Venus' Martin Newell Is in the Works
To some, Martin Newell is an accomplished author and poet, while others know him best as the leader of British outfit Cleaners From Venus. In any case, the artist now finds himself the subject of a forthcoming documentary.

The Jangling Man will "[bring] to light the amazing career and life work of the artist," while also "[showing] people who don't know who he is why they should know who he is, and, for existing fans, just how much of a wild ride the Mule has truly been on." 

Set to feature unseen performances and footage never released from the extent of his career along, the film also boasts interviews from the likes of DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith, Mac DeMarco, Jessica Pratt, XTC's Dave Gregory, R. Stevie Moore and many more.

The Jangling Man is being shot, directed and produced by James Sharp and is being co-produced and edited by Jim Larson, in partnership with Captured Tracks. The label has compiled Newell's own material and reissued that of Cleaners from Venus in recent years.

The project, which has been self-funded until this point, has a Kickstarter campaign to put it over the hump, with perks available for those who contribute.

Continuing to be as prolific as ever, Newell and Cleaners From Venus just recently released the album Dolly Birds & Spies back in April.