9 to 5: Days in Porn Jens Hoffman

The general idea behind this documentary is at its clearest when a strident 18-year-old "up-and-comer" states that she is going to take the porn world by storm through her uniqueness, empowerment and love of sex, which then is juxtaposed with an image of her post-bukkake. 9 to 5: Days in Porn is just that: a series of interviews with porn actors, directors and agents justifying their career choice by saying it's like any other job, or that it makes them happy, followed by scenes of them with baseball bats up their buttocks or projectile pooping across a lawn after an enema. It walks the line between depressing and funny while creating a generalized numbing effect to images of people casually masturbating during conversations and spitting on each other during coitus. Attempts to balance the doc exist in the form of porn-stars-turned-feminists who point out the dangers of the industry, which include, but are not limited to, exploitation and rape, but these are greatly outweighed by on set footage of people performing various degrading acts. Along with this imbalance are issues with structure, as the documentary offers up information in no particular order, choosing to balance sex scenes with exposition, rather than tackling a single subject at a time in order to create a narrative arc. As such, the film acts merely as a gussied up form of senseless titillation, which succeeds in pointing out some of the crudity of the industry, while secretly fetishizing it from a lingering voyeuristic angle. Further explorations into the psychology behind exhibitionism, or into the vast cultural demand of such material, are mostly ignored, aside from a couple of glib remarks about perversion existing in the viewer rather than the performer, which is a shame, as a more cognitive insight on the subject could have proven interesting. (Mongrel Media)