"Weird Al" Yankovic Is a Presidential Debate Moderator in "We're All Doomed"

'Weird Al' Yankovic Is a Presidential Debate Moderator in 'We're All Doomed'
It's been a pretty bad year. With three months left of 2020, the world has already had to collectively endure a deadly pandemic, raging wildfires, economic collapse, sweeping unemployment, the return of Nazis, and to top it all off, the U.S. is heading into possibly the worst presidential election ever.

Earlier this week, we saw the distillation of all of this in the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Now, "Weird Al" Yankovic has put all of it on display with a new "remix" of the debate, in which he plays the frantic moderator desperately trying to make sense of it all.

"We're living in the apocalypse / I'm begging you to put a stop to this / Pretty please," Yankovic sings.

The whole thing is at once dire and hilarious and somehow manages to make the infamous debate even worse than it already was. Oh — and to add fuel to the fire, the whole thing is set to AutoTune, obviously.

Watch the clip below, and try not to cry.