Tig Notaro Says "It's a Huge Relief" to Have Louis C.K. Removed from 'One Mississippi'

Tig Notaro Says 'It's a Huge Relief' to Have Louis C.K. Removed from 'One Mississippi'
Last month, the longstanding rumours about Louis C.K.'s sexual misconduct were exposed in the New York Times, and the comedian admitted that the stories were true. It was a shocking admission that resulted in all sorts of backlash, but it didn't come as a surprise to women in the comedy business. After all, people like Tig Notaro have been distancing themselves from C.K. for years.

Back in August, Notaro expressed her frustration with the way that C.K.'s name has been linked with hers. After all, he had released her viral comedy special and was an executive producer on her show One Mississippi. Back then, she wondered if he was doing anything to address the misconduct allegations.

Now, Notaro has gone on The View to discuss the relief she feels to have C.K.'s story out in the open — and to have his production credit stripped from her show.

"I found this out right after we sold the show — that this was happening," Notaro said of the ongoing allegations that C.K. masturbated in front of women without their consent. "And I started publicly trying to distance myself from him for almost two years now. And then when this all came out, even though I knew firsthand from people, it wasn't my place to call out names. It's somebody else's story, and so it's for them to directly speak about."

Of course, Notaro famously depicted a scene inspired by the C.K. allegations in an episode of One Mississippi.

"People seem to feel like this was hard to believe — that this sort of behaviour would happen, because it's like, 'What is somebody's motivation there?'" she said of the scene. "And it's like… It's not somebody interested in somebody. It's not somebody flirting. It's something beyond that. It's power, it's abuse, and it's disgusting."

Watch Tig's appearance on The View below.