The Lonely Island Call Da Vinci's Mona Lisa a "Basic Bitch" on New Single

The Lonely Island Call Da Vinci's Mona Lisa a 'Basic Bitch' on New Single
Musical comedy trio the Lonely Island will finally return to the big screen with their highly anticipated Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping next month. The film stars Andy Samberg as pop rap douchebag Conner4Real, and today we get a taste of his tunes with two new singles.

"Mona Lisa" boasts some funky, Maroon 5-style guitars and over-produced vocals. By the time the chorus hits, we understand what Conner's trying to say — "Mona Lisa, you're an overrated piece of shit," he croons. Later, he calls her the "original basic bitch" and laments, "what the fuck is this garbage?" It's really funny.

Maroon 5's Adam Levine actually does make an appearance on the track "I'm So Humble," which is a sort of radio-ready, faux-Macklemore track. The joke here is basically just a bunch of humble brags, but it's almost too believable of a shitty pop song to be as funny.

Either way, you can enjoy both new Lonely Island tracks below. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping hits theatres on June 3.