Standup Comedy Review Marathon Launched by Exclaim!

Standup Comedy Review Marathon Launched by Exclaim!
Exclaim! is proud to announce that we are embarking on an ambitious and potentially ill-advised attempt to review every standup comedy special currently available on the Netflix Canada streaming service.
The project will see a new review of a standup comedy special posted every weekday until all of our writers quit in protest, or we run out of comedy specials.
"When you haven't seen something it's new to you," Exclaim! Editor-In-Chief James Keast said in an exclusive statement. "Whether it's an Eddie Murphy special from the 1980s or the most recent offering from Jen Kirkman" — incidentally one we've already reviewed — "knowing if it's worth your time or not can save a lot of endless scrolling. We're here to maximize your comedy efficiency and help you avoid crippling option anxiety."
Option anxiety is one of the leading causes of endless Netflix scrolling, and deciphering who amongst the microphone holders will best tickle that moment's particular funny bone can be a serious challenge, one that Exclaim! is dedicated to helping with.
Although Exclaim! has been consistently reviewing new standup comedy specials and albums, this completist endeavour is a first. For the next approximately 23 weeks, we're going to try to provide the most comprehensive look at available standup comedy that we can. You can start by checking our our reviews of Todd Barry's Crowd Work Tour, Tom Segura's Mostly Stories, Jen Kirkman's I'm Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) and Kevin Hart's Laugh At My Pain.
We'll be posting a new review every weekday, and you can follow along with our Netflix Marathon hashtag.