Someone Made a Theme Song for Spirit Halloween and It Kinda Rips

Nick Lutsko's unsolicited spooky ditty might just be the song of the season
Someone Made a Theme Song for Spirit Halloween and It Kinda Rips
Labour Day came and went, and now that we've shed what was left of our summer skin, it's officially Halloween season. Strip malls everywhere have likely seen the signs of season's change for weeks, as the world's "#1 Halloween Store," Spirit Halloween, moves into the gutted units of formerly thriving businesses across North America.

To mark the commencement of spooky season, internet music person Nick Lutsko has created an unsolicited theme song for the autumnal costume retailer — and it kinda rules.

"I had a dream about Spirit Halloween / They called me up and said they need a new theme song / $1,000 for 100 retweets / I said 'OK' / They said 'sweet'," Lutsko sings at the top of the track.

The rest of the lyrics are about as meta as you'd expect, that is until Lutsko goes on a minute-long tangent about Spirit Halloween moving into the units of businesses that Jeff Bezos murdered.

Having cut his teeth with other jokey tracks about Uncut Gems, Donald Trump and that song where Alex Jones sings like he's in Bon Iver, Lutsko has now recorded and shot an accompanying video for a theme he hoped might catch the eye of his dream retailer.

His attempt apparently worked, as earlier today, someone running the official Spirit Halloween Twitter account told Lutsko to "check [his] Venmo."

See the entire interaction and listen to the "Theme for Spirit Halloween" for yourself in the video below.