​Seth Meyers' Wife Gave Birth to a New Baby in the Lobby of Their Apartment Building

The couple's previous child came into the world in an Uber
​Seth Meyers' Wife Gave Birth to a New Baby in the Lobby of Their Apartment Building
Seth Meyers became a dad for the second time on Sunday (April 8), and the late-night host revealed the unexpected way in which his new son came into the world during last night's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.
His wife, Alexi Ashe, continued her streak of giving birth before making it to the hospital. Their first child was born in an Uber en route, but this time she didn't even make it out the front door.
As Meyers explained, his wife had a feeling the baby was on the way, so he called an Uber and tried to reassure her that they had plenty of time.
By the time he realized his wife wasn't kidding about the baby coming, she'd already given birth right there in the apartment lobby.
"I looked at my wife," he said on TV. "The only way to describe it, like someone hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants. It was like somebody was trying to sneak the baby on a plane."
He called 911, but between the minute span of dialling and speaking to an operator, his story changed from "We're about to have a baby" to "We're having a baby" to "We had a baby."
"I should point out that we have not lived in this building for a long time at all," he added. "We just moved in at the end of last year. I'm so glad that we're already co-op approved, because I don't know."
An unusual way to meet the neighbours, for sure, but the couple and their kids seem to have been welcomed warmly by their fellow building inhabitants — many bystanders helped keep the baby warm by putting towels in their dryers and bringing them to the newborn.
Watch Meyers recount the wild tale below.

He obviously managed to make it back to work, but should he opt to take paternity leave, Cardi B is now officially a totally qualified late-night host.