​Pete Davidson on His Engagement to Ariana Grande: "It's Fucking Lit"

​Pete Davidson on His Engagement to Ariana Grande: 'It's Fucking Lit'
Pete Davidson may be the background guy on Saturday Night Live a lot of the time, but the young comedian has been in the spotlight since his engagement to Ariana Grande.
Last night (June 20), he publicly confirmed the engagement on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The host of the show insisted that Davidson didn't have to get engaged to Grande to get onto the late-night show, to which he replied: "But I did, though."
He further opened up about his new fiancé, telling Fallon, "I feel like I won a contest."
As if that wasn't emotive enough, he added, "It's fucking lit, Jimmy."
Davidson continued to bask in the new relationship's glory, describing the congratulatory looks and hat-tips he's been receiving from other guys — including one dude who came up to him and said "You gave me hope."
Fallon, meanwhile, pitched the idea of the couple getting hitched on his show. Davidson turned the idea down, but later jokingly accepted the offer.
Unfortunately for Grande, from that point onward, the SNL star gushed non-stop about his love for someone else — Robert Pattinson. Davidson repeatedly argued that the actor (sitting right beside him on the couch, by the way) should've been given an Oscar for his role in Good Time. He even brought a promotional clip for the Safdie brothers' film.
Watch Davidson's appearance on The Tonight Show below.