Louis CK Says 'Horace & Pete' Put Him "Millions of Dollars in Debt"

Louis CK Says 'Horace & Pete' Put Him 'Millions of Dollars in Debt'
Here's more evidence to support our theory that Louis CK is the Kanye West of the comedy world — his decision to self-finance an audacious project has resulted in a massive personal debt.

Earlier this year, Louis CK surprised fans with Horace and Pete, a self-financed dramedy that arrived on YouTube with no prior announcements.

The show has had mixed reviews, though many claim it's CK's strongest work yet. In addition to the comedian, the series stars Steve Buscemi, Alan Alda, Jessica Lange and a wide variety of guest stars.

Since he didn't have a studio's money to make the show, however, Horace and Pete has racked up some serious bills for CK. Speaking with Howard Stern [via Splitsider], CK said that financing the project was much more difficult than he initially expected.

"As a matter of fact, after four episodes, the whole idea was I'm not gonna have to spend my own money after that," CK said. "Because I didn't promote the show. I didn't tell anybody about it cause here's the thing: I got so excited by the idea of having a show appear from nothing.

"So I made the first four and I didn't tell nobody, and it made a nice little amount of money, but when I got to episode 4 I was like 'Hey gang, I don't have any money!' So I had to take out a line of credit."

When asked to clarify just how much money he lost on Horace and Pete, CK said, "I'm millions of dollars in debt right now."

While it certainly sucks to be deep in debt, we have a feeling that CK's myriad projects will hopefully fill in his financial gaps in the coming years.

To watch Horace and Pete, visit Louis CK's site here.