Louis CK Live At the Comedy Store

Louis CK Live At the Comedy Store
Louis C.K. has a new, hour-long special that he's selling on his website for five bucks. He's done it before, but what makes this one even more special has a lot to do with where it's filmed. The download (both video and audio) comes with an 1,800 word email that describes his history with standup comedy, but particularly talks about the setting, the Comedy Store — one venue where he says he ever felt "like he could totally bomb."
Other than the change in venue, there's no real to shift in C.K.'s style. Once again, he traffics in outsider-as-secret-insider, articulating that occasionally dark and sometimes creepy thing that no one is willing to say, but that he makes so funny. Because he can navigate being political without being overtly so, he manages to trick people into listening to his ideas because you feel like he's a little daft, or in a little over his head. He playfully peeks into crevices we didn't realize were there, and then, to our horror, pries them open in front of us.
His usual go-to themes — travel, unchecked privilege, sex, and his kids — are all there. He shares a conversation he's had with another dad about his now-teenage daughter having sex; other dad tells Louis that he wants to protect her from bad sexual experiences. Thinking about his own daughter, Louis assures him that she's going to have "plenty," and that her life will be like "walking through a blizzard of dicks" and that there's nothing he can do about it. He's decided, as a result, that he's raising his daughters gay.
As always, Louis's confidence and perspective elevate seemingly mundane material, turning kids-on-a-plane into an insight about expectations of both oneself and society as a whole. (Also, he hilariously mimes strangling his own child for a stranger's amusement and satisfaction.)
Five dollars for an hour of the lies we tell each other and a check on our inflated sense of self is a steal. Did I mention sex? He talks a lot about sex. He'll have you at "vaginer." (Independent)