Louis C.K. Tries to Stop Audiences from Quoting His Live Show with Wordy Legal Document

BY Josiah HughesPublished May 5, 2019

Louis C.K. has been slowly but surely waging a comeback from his sexual misconduct scandal, performing shows that feature plenty of edgelord jokes. Since the internet has been criticizing his new work in real time, he's now responded by making his audiences sign a wordy legal document.

Writer James Shotwell pointed out [via Vulture] that C.K. has forced audiences to start using Yondr pouches to secure their phones in bags while he performs. That's a standard practice, but C.K. added a clause suggesting that audiences aren't allowed to quote his work for any reason.
Like so much of his attempted comeback, there's been plenty of backlash to this latest move by C.K. Read some tweets on the matter below.

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