K. Trevor Wilson, Fraser Young, and Jordan Foisy Cook Up Some Funny at the Comedy Records/Exclaim! Standup Showcase

K. Trevor Wilson, Fraser Young, and Jordan Foisy Cook Up Some Funny at the Comedy Records/Exclaim! Standup Showcase
Fraser Young, Jordan Foisy and K. Trevor Wilson
We keep organizing these showcases for our standup series and you keep packing the room. Thanks! The series continues on Thursday February 2 with a stellar line-up of hungry comedians.
Canada's only exclusive standup and sketch comedy label, Comedy Records, has teamed up with Exclaim! to launch the aptly named Comedy Records Showcase, which will take place on the first Thursday of every month at Wenona Lodge (1069 Bloor St. W) in Toronto. Showtimes are at 9 pm sharp!
Thursday February 2 will feature K Trevor Wilson, Fraser Young, and Jordan Foisy.
K. Trevor Wilson was born and raised in Toronto, which he still calls home. An amazing live act, in the next while he's performing at the Icebreakers Comedy Festival in Niagara on the Lake, JFL Northwest and on a JFL Live Tour.
He's also one of the stars of the hit Canadian series Letterkenny, which will soon start production on its third season after receiving eight Canadian Screen Award nominations. Of course, if the show wins any hardware at the March 12 ceremony, Wilson is sure to take it all in stride.
"I guess the trait I dislike about myself the most is my crippling modesty and the one I like the most is my award-winning sense of humour," he reveals.
Indeed, Wilson's jokes have put him in rare company, sharing stages with some of the world's most ingenuous and celebrated comic minds. If he could have dinner with any of them, living or dead, he'd choose a beloved troupe.
"All the members of Monty Python and I'd serve lasagna because you have to be a real piece of shit to hate lasagna," he explains, like some giant bearded man version of Garfield.
Fraser Young was born in Montreal, but has spent most of his life in Toronto. He's a writer on the CBC show Still Standing and was just co-nominated for a Canadian Screen Award. Not that he necessarily needs the affirmation.
"I like my height," he reveals. "I'm about 6'1" so that's tall, but not too tall. It's something I've worked very hard at and it's rewarding to see that work pay off.
"I dislike my strength," Young adds. "I am a weak baby who will be unable to fend for himself when society crumbles later this year."
Before the Earth is destroyed because a certain someone sends out a tone-deaf tweet, Young contemplates his own dream dinner guest.
"This is a tough one because I don't really like cooking or inviting people over to my house," he admits. "I feel like answering this question without that information would be dishonest. So, not a guest in my home, but I'd take Woody Harrelson out to a restaurant. I want to talk to him about Cheers and some of his other work. He's a vegan and I'm not, but I'd still choose a vegan restaurant because that's polite and I like to eat healthy sometimes."
Fraser Young might be doing standup near your city and he is headlining Absolute Comedy in Ottawa and Kingston in March.
Jordan Foisy says he hails from the desolate wastes of his beloved hometown Sault Ste. Marie but he currently resides in Toronto. If you see him there, the odds are good he won't be trying any daring gymnastic feats.
"The funniest thing to me are failed back-flips," Foisy says. "The hubris of attempting a backflip and getting someone to film it followed by a shameful and painful crash into your physical limitations is the human tragedy distilled into one hilarious moment."
As for entertaining a dinner guest, if Foisy had his way, things might get a tad awkward for his date.
"Justin Trudeau so I could give him shit about being a substanceless neo-liberal whose idea of progressivism is asking the rich if they could pretty please build us some bridges and whose failure to achieve any economic or democratic reforms increases the chances of us getting our own populist demagogue. I would serve him fried rice, because it's the only thing I'm good at making."
So, dig into this rich buffet of jokes and darkness. A ten dollar ticket includes one pint of Steamwhistle; you can buy tickets in advance here.