Jimmy Fallon Wrote a "Punk Rock" Song for the Original 'Mean Girls'

He played the song that Tina Fey rejected on 'The Tonight Show'
Jimmy Fallon Wrote a 'Punk Rock' Song for the Original 'Mean Girls'
Mean Girls is now a hit Broadway musical, meaning all of its characters and plot points are now heavily explored in song. When it was still a beloved teen comedy, however, Jimmy Fallon fitted it with a bespoke punk song of his own.

Speaking to Tina Fey on the Tonight Show last night (May 17), Fallon explained that he wrote a "punk rock" anthem for Fey back when she was writing the movie.

"I went to my buddy's apartment in the city and recorded this punk song," he said. "This has never aired. You listened to it maybe twice and was like, 'No, I don't need this.'"

The immensely corny song includes the lyrics "Maybe I'm a glutton for abuse / Theodor Geisel was Dr. Seuss / I'd hang myself if I had a noose / You wouldn't care so what's the use?"

Watch a visibly embarrassed Fallon play the song for Fey below. It begins around the 2:10 mark.