​Bill Murray Goes to See 'Groundhog Day' Musical Second Night in a Row

Life really does imitate art
​Bill Murray Goes to See 'Groundhog Day' Musical Second Night in a Row
Photo by Sopan Deb via Twitter
In the Bill Murray-est of Bill Murray moves, Murray himself recreated the premise of Groundhog Day in real life by attending the Broadway adaptation of the film for a second night in a row.
The beloved 1993 flick stars Murray as a man reliving the same day over and over, and it was adapted for the stage last year, before coming to New York this past April.
Murray finally attended a performance of the musical on Tuesday night (August 8), as brilliantly documented by New York Times writer Sopan Deb on Twitter.
But just when we thought the comedian couldn't get more hilariously meta, Deb's wish came true in part and Murray turned up at the August Wilson Theatre again last night (August 9) to relive the experience.
As the Times reports, Murray attended the first show along with his brother Brian Doyle-Murray, who played a town official in the original film, as well as Danny Rubin, who co-write the screenplay and wrote the book for the Broadway adaptation. Last night, Murray returned to the theatre alone to take it all in for a second time.
Next month, Murray will release a classical project titled New Worlds; it's due out in September via Decca Gold. The celebration of song and literature will be brought to the stage on tour, as well, including a Toronto show on October 16.