Beastie Boys "The New Style" (unaired 'Chappelle's Show' performance)

Beastie Boys 'The New Style' (unaired 'Chappelle's Show' performance)
Tributes to the late Adam Yauch (aka the Beastie Boys' MCA) continue to pour in, this time from Chappelle's Show co-creator Neal Brennan, who just uploaded an unaired Beasties performance that was meant to premiere on the show's never-completed third season.

Down below you can peep the old-school mic play of License to Ill track "The New Style" as performed on a boat travelling across New York's East River. Watch as MCA brags about having more juice than Picasso's got paint as Chappelle dances and grins in the background. As the comedian puts it: "Freshhhhhhhh."

UPDATE: As you can see below, the video has been removed. But you can still watch it here -- or at least for now.