Ari Shaffir's Renamed Storyteller Show Just For Laughs, Montreal QC, July 26

Ari Shaffir's Renamed Storyteller Show Just For Laughs, Montreal QC, July 26
Ari Shaffir is no longer allowed to call his live storytelling show "This Is Not Happening," since he gave the hosting duties for the TV version to Roy Wood Jr. Though Shaffir's replacement is also a great host, fans know that any storytelling show Shaffir hosts is the real, original "This Is Not Happening," no matter what Shaffir has to do legally to pretend it's not.
Still performed in a strip club and featuring some of the craziest stories you'll ever hear, "Ari Shaffir's Renamed Storyteller Show" is one of the most consistently compelling shows at Just For Laughs.
Shaffir seemed to have a story for everything. His story about a man with Tourette syndrome provided hilarious schadenfreude, plus the anecdotes he was spontaneously inspired to tell after other comics' sets were all just as stellar.
After Australian comic Nath Valvo told an comically hapless story about how doing ecstasy made him come out to his parents, Shaffir shared funny memories of his parents making a big deal of revealing that their obviously out of the closet acquaintances were gay. After Dylan Moran's meandering but shockingly funny set about drinking in Ireland that he declared "the story of a country," Shaffir talked about how people in the UK can't handle their weed. No matter the situation, Shaffir was either very well prepared, or amazing on his feet.
Having said that, the best stories of the night came from unknown comic JC Currais and veteran storytellers Big Jay Oakerson and Sean Patton. Currais's narrative about taking acid and believing he was turning into a werewolf was unforgettable and ended on his hysterical realization that he was safe because there wasn't a full moon. Similarly, Oakerson's story about watching Armageddon while high and Patton's insane tale that involved a marine, laser tag, and an accidental death were both hilariously detailed and unpredictable.