Amy Poehler Tells the NRA to "Fuck Off" for Using 'Parks and Recreation' GIF

Nick Offerman, meanwhile, told the NRA to "please eat shit"
Amy Poehler Tells the NRA to 'Fuck Off' for Using 'Parks and Recreation' GIF
The creator and stars of Parks and Recreation have denounced the NRA for using a GIF from their show on Twitter.
As the survivors of last week's school shooting in Parkland, FL, staged school walkouts and flocked to their state capitol to demand changes to gun laws, the NRA has doubled down on its defence of the Second Amendment. NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch represented the pro-gun organization at CNN's town hall on gun violence last night (February 21), earning the praise of her group on social media.
Following her appearance, the official NRA Twitter account shared a GIF of Amy Poehler's politically left-leaning character from Parks and Rec, Leslie Knope, exclaiming: "Thank you."
The show's co-creator Michael Schur has taken to Twitter to ask the NRA to take down the GIF and refrain from using his work to "promote your pro-slaughter agenda."
Poehler herself isn't on Twitter, but Schur added that she had sent him a text, asking him to pass along a "fuck off" to the NRA.
Other Parks and Rec stars have since jumped in to join the backlash against the NRA. Nick Offerman told the NRA to "please eat shit," while Adam Scott suggested they "stay the fuck away from Leslie Knope."
Fans of Parks and Rec have also jumped in to show their disapproval of the NRA's use of the GIF. See some of those reactions below.