D.O.A. frontman and Canadian punk pioneer Joey Keithley may have been elected to Burnaby city council last year, but he's since found time in his schedule to dig into the D.O.A. vault for a new compilation.

Titled 1978, the 21-track release will arrive May 3 through the band's own Sudden Death Records and collects previously unreleased demos, rare tracks and early singles from the group.

Well-known cuts like "Fucked Up Ronnie," "Disco Sucks" and "World War 3" are found in the tracklist alongside previously unreleased singles "Bored and Suicidal," "The Mutant," "No God No War" and "Rent-A-Riot."

Demo inclusions feature early versions of "America the Beautiful" and "Liar for Hire," both of which feature ex-drummer Chuck Biscuits behind the kit.

1978 will see release in 2xLP and CD formats. While pre-order options have yet to surface through Sudden Death, you can find further details on the release here.


1. The Enemy (Demo)
2. No God, No War
3. Bored and Suicidal
4. Disco Sucks
5. Fucked Up Ronnie
6. Smash the State
7. I Hate You
8. The Mutant
9. Rip Dis Joint
10. World War 3
11. Nazi Training Camp
12. America the Beautiful (Demo)
13. Liar for Hire (Demo)
14. No Way out
15. Rent-A-Riot
16. Kill, Kill, This is Pop
17. The Prisoner
18. 13
19. Woke Up Screaming
20. Royal Police
21. Whatcha Gonna Do?