Waxwork Unveils Subscription Series Featuring Scores to 'Nightbreed,' 'Phase IV,' 'C.H.U.D.'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Dec 9, 2014

Movie music imprint Waxwork Records is about to close a year that saw it releasing soundtracks for the likes of Rosemary's Baby, Chopping Mall and Friday the 13th, but the label is already setting its sights on 2015, having announced plans for its first soundtrack-specializing subscription service next year.

The label revealed plans for the project today (December 9) in a press release, confirming that it will be filing the scores for five flicks through the subscription service, with one of these being the previously announced Starry Eyes soundtrack from .clippng member Jonathan Snipes.

The series will also bring out the first-ever soundtrack release of 1974 sci-fi flick Phase IV. While the ant-filled box office flop featured musical work by Brian Gascoigne, Stomu Yamashta, David Vorhaus and Desmond Briscoe, it's unclear what portions of their work will appear on the release. However, Waxwork promises it will be a "bizarre, psychedelic synth-driven score," and you'll find a stream of "Phase I," which shifts from moody synthscapes to a doomy swirl of guitar distortion, down below.

Also coming up is a vinyl pressing of manhole-opening monster movie C.H.U.D.. Using long-lost master tapes, the release features every cue composers Martin Cooper and David A. Hughes produced for the 1984 production. New artwork is being produced by Ghoulish Gary Pullin, hopefully showing us New York's Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers in action.

Danny Elfman's score to Clive Barker's supernatural Nightbreed will be released through the series as well, while a fifth release is TBD.

Though due dates have yet to be delivered for any of the releases, the scores will also be available on their own in stores outside the subscription. That said, if you sign up for the series, you'll be privy to goodies including "subscriber-only coloured wax, bonus merchandise, apparel, digital downloads, enamel pins, patches, and more."

You can sign up for the subscription here.

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