Did Nate Mendel Just Sign a Petition for the Foo Fighters to Break Up?

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 4, 2015

Regardless of its potential sociopolitical power, one of the most annoying things about Change.org is the ludicrous amount of spam emails they send to your inbox. Sign one petition, and you'll face a lifetime of junk mail about various causes of varying value. The spam sort of paid off, however, as we've now learned that the Foo Fighters' own Nate Mendel may have just signed a petition for his own band to break up.

This week, the Foos' Dave Grohl opened up to NME about his lifelong love of Ian MacKaye, stemming back to a glowing fan letter he sent to the Dischord boss as a teen. "I'm telling you, if the Foos could do a Dischord single, then we could break up," Grohl said. "Done deal."

The quote inspired music journalist Grayson Currin to launch a petition begging Dischord to "release a Foo Fighters single so Foo Fighters will break up." The petition reads, "This is very important, as Grohl and his band might be the most insufferable band of bros on the planet."

I was one of the few hundred people to sign the petition, and I've been inundated with spam ever since. That said, it's been pretty hilarious spam. Take, for example, an email I received this afternoon claiming that Nate Mendel had signed the petition:

Maybe it's a different Nate Mendel or simply a troll. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the real Nate Mendel and he's longing for a sweet release from his role as bassist for the world's biggest alt-rock band. Who knows, the petition might work out — just ask Action Bronson.

Watch Dave Grohl discuss his love of Dischord below.

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