ZZBRA The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

ZZBRAThe Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Canuck rap vet Moka Only and Vancity rapper Evil Ebenezer are ZZbra, an absurdist rap duo whose debut, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, is the companion to a fictional jungle adventure film. What you need to know: there's a song called "I Look Lebanese," where the duo discuss their swarthy complexions over a Middle Eastern sample. The concept is carried by the MCs' chemistry: Moka's mumbly croak plays off Ebenezer's nasally tone well, while the Draft Dodgers' production complements the inanity like a nice chianti does fava beans. "Running Back" is a 1984 vintage slow jam, complete with ridiculous metal solo, while "Raisins" channels the Monkees for a dedication to the group's favourite snack. "Green" is Scooby-Doo soundtrack wiggy, with Moka and Ebenezer rapping about the titular colour. In the increasingly dour modern rap world, an album this endearingly weird and fun is a treat. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the perfect music to falling asleep while watching '60s cartoons on mushrooms. (Camobear)