Zune Launches Joy Division Player

Zune Launches Joy Division Player
There’s no question the iPod is the dominant force on the portable media scene and likely for several good but ultimately boring reasons. However, there’s one thing Microsoft’s rival Zune has the iPod doesn’t: a media player emblazoned with Joy Division’s classic Unknown Pleasures cover art by Peter Saville.

In conjunction with the June 17 DVD release of Grant Gee’s documentary Joy Division, those depressed, post-punk-loving IT guys at Microsoft have made 500 limited-edition Saville-sporting Zune media players. All are black (obviously), come pre-loaded with Gee’s documentary and boast 80GBs — presumably so you can load it up with all Joy Division’s back-catalog and work yourself into a deep, dark depression.

And what’s the sticker price on the saddest MP3 player in the world? Four hundred big ones, which is a lot more than getting Saville’s print on a T-shirt like most people do but, hey, this Zune is limited edition!

For those unfamiliar with Zune, it supports Microsoft’s "software-based services vision to help drive innovation in the digital entertainment space” and makes cool hi-tech fashion accessories that capitalise on dead rock stars.

You can buy the Joy Division Zune here.