Zoobombs Baitshop, Toronto ON March 12

ZoobombsBaitshop, Toronto ON March 12
Starting on an atypically reflective note, Zoobombs frontman Don Matsuo discussed the recent Japanese devastation, thanking Canadians for their kindness before beginning a relatively sombre cut. Of course, the mid-tempo tracks stopped there, instantly evolving into the chaos that the Tokyo combo are internationally revered for. Calling for solos like a basketball player demanding the ball, dropping funhouse riffs and garage dust-ups, and grooving manically, Matsuo was mesmerizing. The rhythm section played the straight-man part, admirably holding the frenetic affair together while Matsuo exploded and keyboardist Matta delivered Doors-esque kaleidoscope keys. Initially poignant and ultimately frenzied, it was a visceral and invigorating afternoon slot.