Zombiefication Midnight Stench

Bringing Mexico into the extreme music spotlight with their debut full-length, formative death metal duo Zombiefication impress with Midnight Stench. While most of the recording features session musicians rounding out the work of mainstays Mr. Jacko and Mr. Hitch, it's quite obvious that this maxed-out affair is an endless rager in the vein of Death Breath, Grave and the majority of reverential Swedish genre forefathers. Revelling in barbed distortion, bellowing, yet decipherable, vocals and proficient instrumentation, the album is decidedly advanced for an outfit of Zombieficiation's inexperience. More important than their obvious influences and modestly technical delivery though, there's a tangible sense of sincerity and devotion from these 11 tracks. Bolstered by an almost rock'n'roll quality which pervades most of the band's mid-tempo dirges, assaulting double-time movements and barbaric virility, the variation in pacing keeps Midnight Stench moving along captivatingly. Sure, it may be somewhat derivative, but with its demonic riffs, brutal vocals and bowel-trembling low end, this inaugural affair is worthy of attention and respect. (Chaos)