Zombie Girl Back from the Dead

Renee and Sebastian R. Komor are partners based in Edmonton, and have released their first EP Back from the Dead on Belgium label Alfa Matrix. Sebastian is a member of Icon of Coil, an EBM industrial synth pop act that follows in the likes of Front 242 and Throbbing Gristle. These influences are detected in the production of Zombie Girl, yet perhaps with more of a powerhouse techno flavour having a goth/industrial edge. A few of the tracks have the same lacerating effect as some of T. Raumschmiere’s productions, and also shares a similar penchant for the maximising schaffel-beat rhythms. Yet this hard disciplined production is softened by Renee’s vocals that playfully refer to themes from horror films. A Theremin-sounding swirl surrounds the zombie references, and sustains a haunting atmosphere. Guest remixes included on the album are from KMFDM, Soman and Sebastian’s own Icon of Coil. Zombie Girl’s aesthetic can perhaps be compared to French electro duo Vive la Fête, and some of the heavier sounds from Ladytron. This album is a necessity for any die-hard zombie fan. (Better Looking)