The Zolas Local Swan on Exclaim! TV

The ZolasLocal Swan on Exclaim! TV
Vancouver prog-pop band The Zolas are currently finishing up a Canadian tour in support of their latest record, Ancient Mars. Exclaim! caught up with the Zolas while they were in Toronto and filmed a session at the Toronto Institute for the Enjoyment of Music — and yes, awesomely, that's a real thing.

Watch the video below for an acoustic performance of the band's song "Local Swan" from Ancient Mars. Though it may be stripped of the atmospheric effects on their recorded version, the song of lament is brought to life via the Zolas' intricate attention to its ebbing and flowing dynamics.

Ancient Mars is out now on Light Organ Records. Catch the band on their last two Canadian dates, at Vancouver's The Rio on November 16th, and at Felicitas in Victoria on the 23rd.