Zola Jesus "Dangerous Days" (MAPS remix)

Zola Jesus 'Dangerous Days' (MAPS remix)
Zola Jesus is offering up another track to help support her upcoming Taiga LP, this time letting MAPS (a.k.a. electronic artist James Chapman) take the reins with a remix of her recently premiered "Dangerous Days" single.

In many ways, the revamp stays true to the original's airy but danceable vibe, letting the sky bound synth work do a lot of the heavy lifting. The beat is still groove-centric, but perhaps plays a little more straightforward than the single proper's penetrating bass drum gallop. Likewise, the remix favours a minimalist approach to vocals, keeping things trim with a couple choice selections.

While you can check out the remix of the synth-pop single down below, Zola Jesus' Taiga arrives in stores October 7 through Mute.