Zoey Van Goey The Cage Was Unlocked All Along

Zoey Van GoeyThe Cage Was Unlocked All Along
If your tolerance of cutesy girl/boy vocal pop rock is running thinner as the months go by, a band that can obliterate that threshold is one to be treasured. This is the case for Glasgow, Scotland-based trio Zoey Van Goey. On their debut full-length, they explore a visual world, with various takes on fear, confidence and romance. It's full of feelings, but each is presented with a modest touch. Kim Moore, Michael John McCarthy and Matt Brennan (from England, Ireland and Canada, respectively) are a package deal. Moore leads with her flexible vocal range overtop McCarthy's low, sultry support and the subtle cloud of backup instrumentation, which includes sleigh bells, coffee mugs and finger cymbals. And that's just the beginning. Sing-alongs are guaranteed on "We Don't Have That Kind of Bread," "Foxtrot Vandals" and "Cotton Covering," but throughout the album the quaint Scottish lifestyle shines through. With relative lyrics and friendly sounds, you'll find that with each listen a new, thoughtful, comforting presence will emerge. (Chemikal Underground)