Zodiak Sermons

Can a "super group” be so named if the original bands from which their members hail aren’t really that well known? Featuring members of Rosetta, Slacks, Balboa and Javelina, Philly area collective Zodiak are truly a super group upon the strength of their music alone. Culled from three years of studio jams, Sermons isn’t far removed from Slacks, albeit their heavier, electric side. Boasting two vocalists, one clean and the other hardcore/screamo, "Excavate” and "Their God Reigns” swim waters frequented by Isis cum A Perfect Circle, while "Outlined” and "Wouldn’t Wait” lean more toward the head-down guitar throb of Tool, plus it doesn’t hurt that Slacks’ Christian McKenna sounds chillingly like Maynard James Keenan. The title track, "Zeros and Ones” and "Etc.” sound like Momentary Lapse-era Pink Floyd, thanks to Mick Mullins’ whining, Gilmour-esque guitar. The instrumental "Untitled” resembles an early Floyd outtake and it’s no surprise that the band will be contributing a cover of "See Emily Play” to a forthcoming Syd Barrett tribute. While many groups merely flirt with Floyd’s atmospherics, Zodiak are the new Pink Floyd for the 21st century. (Translation Loss)