Zine Devotes Itself to the XX

Zine Devotes Itself to the XX
Since dropping their Mercury Prize-winning debut album, the XX have kept a low profile, preparing remixes and art installations while remaining coy about future plans. Now, the minimalist British outfit will be receiving their very own zine.

The first issue of the new publication The Tourist will be devoted entirely to the XX, and its 40 pages will consist of exclusive photographs along with hand-written lyrics from singers Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim. The forward was written by American music critic Sasha Frere-Jones.

Entitled The XX: Looking in from the Dark, it will be printed in a limited run of 500 hand-numbered copies. The first 100 copies will come with an exclusive T-shirt. The shirt comes courtesy of Vans and was designed by Croft and photographer Jamie-James Medina.

The Tourist's December issue is just $8 (even the ones that come with a T-shirt) and can be purchased here.

Go to Facebook to read more about The Tourist. Future instalments won't necessarily be about music, as the publication is dedicated to "entertainment and travel." There will be "one subject, one photographer and one writer per issue."